How to Join TEAC

TEAC Membership Eligibility

TEAC Candidate members wish to pursue accreditation. TEAC Affiliate members support the TEAC agenda but do not wish to pursue accreditation at this time.

To be eligible for TEAC Candidate status for initial and continuing accreditation, the program's administrator (e.g., chair, dean, director, vice president) must attest by letter to the following:

0.1.Institutional accreditation. The institution giving the program must be accredited by one of the regional accreditation agencies, or the equivalent, of TEAC's requirement for regional accreditation, or the equivalent, or the institution offering the program provides additional assurance that the institution is administratively and financially capable.

0.2 Professional licensure. The graduates of the program must have fulfilled the academic requirements for a professional license in education.

0.3 Commitment to comply with TEAC's standards. There must be a commitment to and intent to comply with TEAC's standards and requirements (fees, annual reports, etc.).

0.4 Disclosure of any actions regarding the program's accreditation status. There must be an understanding of, and agreement to, the fact that TEAC, at its discretion, may make known the nature of any action, positive or negative, regarding the program's status with TEAC.

0.5 Willingness to cooperate and provide needed information to TEAC. There must be an agreement to disclose to TEAC, at any time, all such information as TEAC may require to carry out its auditing, evaluating, and accrediting functions.

Affiliate membership in TEAC is granted to institutions that support the TEAC agenda but do not wish to pursue accreditation for any of their programs. Affiliate membership is granted similarly to agencies, organizations, or individuals.

Use a form from the right to submit an application.