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Guide to Accreditation, 2012

The TEAC Guide to Accreditation includes a full description of TEAC's principles and standards, the accreditation process and audit, and detailed instruction on writing the Brief. This revision (January 2011) includes expanded information on (1) preparing an Inquiry Brief Proposal and the audit of the Inquiry Brief Proposal; (2) Annual Report expectations (including information on responding to stipulations); (3) responsibilities of the program, TEAC, and the auditors in preparation for and during the audit; and (4) updates regarding new USDE regulations (for programs offered through distance education and for submitting annual headcount data). A PDF version of the revised Guide is available. 142 pp. ©2011

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Operations Policy Manual, 2012 edition

The TEAC Operations Policy Manual outlines all of TEAC’s current policies and procedures related to TEAC members, TEAC administration, and the public, and includes the Bylaws of the Teacher Education Accreditation Council. A PDF version is available below. 66 pp. ©2010

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TEAC Exercise Workbook

Designed to help program faculty get started on the Brief, the Exercise Workbook is used during the Inquiry Brief workshops and is available in PDF form. The exercises are designed to accompany the Guide to Accreditation and will help faculty understand the various elements of the Brief and begin to collect and analyze the information and data they will present. ©2011 Download the Fall 2011 Workbook.

Additional Literature Resources

Introduction to the Teacher Education Accreditation Council

This short guide to TEAC includes the accreditation process, principles and standards, TEAC's philosophy of accreditation, and the TEAC Accreditation Framework. 24 pp. ©2009

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Guide to the TEAC Audit

A comprehensive guide to the audit process, including responsibilities of the program, TEAC staff, and auditors, this guide includes a checklist for tracking the audit process. 34 pp. ©2010

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Handbook for TEAC Auditors

Intended to help in preparing for audits of Inquiry Briefs and Inquiry Brief Proposals, the handbook contains a full description of the audit process, the responsibilities of the program and TEAC staff, and auditors’ responsibilities. It also provides guidelines for making audit decisions and developing an audit opinion. In addition, it includes an array of audit tools: documents and templates that will be used in each audit. 40 pp. ©2010

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Teacher Education Accreditation Council Brochure

This tri-fold brochure summarizes TEAC's goal and principles and the TEAC Accreditation Framework. ©2009

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Inquiry, Evidence, and Excellence: The promise and practice of quality assurance

A Festschrift in Honor of Frank B. Murray

This collection of eight essays by distinguished leaders in higher education and quality assurance collectively, challenge readers to understand better the political and social context of quality assurance in higher education and to influence its future. Authors include Barbara Brittingham, Director and President of the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; Sandra B. Cohen , Director of Teacher Education, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia; Judith S. Eaton, President, Council for Higher Education Accreditation; Peter Ewell, Vice President, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems; Daniel Fallon, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Public Policy, University of Maryland at College Park; Donald Warren, Professor Emeritus and University Dean Emeritus, School of Education, Indiana University; Jon F. Wergin, Professor of Educational Studies, Antioch University; and Suzanne M. Wilson, University Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Teacher Education, Michigan State University. 146 pages ©2012; $13.00.

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TEAC Literature

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