Annual Reports

The CAEP EPP Annual Report centers on eight annual measures. When fully developed, these measures of program outcome and impact will be a means for educator preparation providers (EPPs) to demonstrate the quality of their programs and graduates to CAEP, prospective candidates, policymakers, and the media-people who care about educator preparation. EPPs will have access to the data to advance their own continuous improvement efforts and report to the public. Through collaboration and the use of data collected in this report, CAEP will endeavor to build a significant accreditation data resource to monitor performance and report on benchmarks and national trends.

The strategy CAEP has taken to develop the annual measures is to a) phase-in the measures over time and b) work with states and stakeholders to request data that are potentially the most useful for EPPs. By creating common definitions for terms and consistency in reporting protocols, benchmarks can be identified and EPPs can compare and learn from colleagues who are experiencing success and/or facing similar challenges.