Mari Pearlman

Member of the Board of Directors

Mari Pearlman is the founder and principal of the Pearlman Education Group. Pearlman assists a broad range of education organizations in fulfilling their missions, using her experience in not-for-profit executive management, educational measurement, and teacher professional development. She has provided both for-profit and not-for profit education organizations with strategy analysis and advising, market analysis, partnering advice and support, assessment and evaluation design. Formerly a Senior Vice-President at Educational Testing Service, Pearlman spent more than 25 years engaged in development and management of large- and small-scale assessment and measurement projects, with a focus on innovation. Her professional experience has led to her particular interest in the application in the education arena of frameworks, analytical tools, and disciplines common to effective for-profit businesses. She has particular expertise in analysis of the fit between strategy and fiscal decision-making, design and leadership of team-based new product development, market analysis, organizational management strategies, and the creation and leadership of training for negotiation inside organizations. Pearlman has written and spoken extensively on education issues. Visit for more information and to see a selection of her publications and presentations. Pearlman has a MBA from Harvard Business School and PhD from Rutgers University.

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